Someone that blames the keyboard for misspelling.
Kid1: Instead of spelling dumb you spelled dume.
Kid2: It wasn't me it was the keyboard.
by wusspopinb0 February 15, 2017
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The act of being stupid and not able to send a legible text message or electronic message by misspelling even the simplest words.
Mn, ur dume az fok" as opposed to "man, you are dumb as fuck
by appletimemac March 18, 2011
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When someone really wants to be with someone else.
"You wouldnt be be in any of my tracks"
"Nah, I would dume myself down"
by JamWDC April 7, 2009
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a very stupid-like human creature, who is also retarded.

loves to play with himself and is soo concieted.

is ALWAYS dumped and his name is KEVIN (CONLU)
not to be specific but, kevin john conlu
You're so stupid, your a DUME.
by blahblehblueiamKEVINc May 28, 2009
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''dumb'' except its spelled different
''you are dume lol''
by pickledEggs69 February 5, 2018
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hahha! you ate the dirt because she told you its chocolate?!? you're so dume!
by lollol123 July 7, 2010
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