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A sorry excuse to extend the season of a show by using pre-existing clips from the show in a nostalgic manner.
- Remember when chandler lit his fart on fire and homer worked at the power plant?

- yeah...

que chimes and wavy dream sequence transition.
by JenThe80'sFan May 5, 2004
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A drug that is so important that you lie to the people that you love and steal from the people that trust you in order to get high.
I will never do cocaine. I would never want to put someone through what I've been through.
by JenThe80'sFan August 2, 2004
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A mullet that is grown with the intent of being trendy, or fashionable.
...and as the sun shone down onto his gleaming fashion mullet through the t-tops on his camaro, he realized that all was right in the world, and proceeded to goodwill to find a Journey t-shirt.
by JenThe80'sFan May 27, 2004
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Giant man who licks the bottoms of sneakers, and has many fat men lurking around his house.
Rather than taking the advice of his nutritionist, Fat Joe prefers to lick the bottoms of sneakers because they taste like migrant childrens' sweat.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
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The way all good stories start ;)
I heard from a FOAF that there's these twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello.

Yeah, this pharmacist I know fills their prescriptions.
by JenThe80'sFan May 3, 2004
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A now extinct beverage offered by the pepsi corporation in the early 90's that was delicious. Came in flavors of regular, diet and citrus.
Crystal Pepsi - where did we go wrong???
by JenThe80'sFan October 18, 2003
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