While walking through the woods, I had to stop and make water.
by EndoCanuck October 9, 2003
melt ice or cool steam thats how.
Go melt an ice cube or go in a sauna then come out again.
by boomstick October 10, 2003
verb. to refill a water purifying pitcher, such as brita, pur, etc.
Guy: Do you want a bottle of water?
Girl: No, I'll just go make some.

Mom: The pitcher's low, will you go make water?
Girl: Can't we just use tap?
by emile-le August 10, 2008
This is the term used for when you pull a skinny man with a bowl haircut and take him back to your home to spit on him. You may also take their virginity and let them anal you. However, this is thirsty work so must make your tired victim some lovely waters for the morning.
“Wow omg dude, look at that amazing twink over there with the bowl haircut!!! I need to take him home and make waters with him man”

“We were making waters all night long”
by December 13, 2020
Man, I drank twelve beers driving up to Northern Michigan and finally had to pull over and prompting began "making water".
by karatekidlll June 18, 2009