4 definitions by EndoCanuck

While walking through the woods, I had to stop and make water.
by EndoCanuck October 9, 2003
WHAMMY, THE: A hex or a curse that is put on someone. Similar to giving someone the evil eye.
I ran over that old gypsy lady's dog and she put the whammy on me!
by EndoCanuck October 8, 2003
Young, impressionable (scantily dressed) females who hang around trying to get rides on the back of motorcycles.

Also can be the girlfriend of a motorcycle rider. Him in full riding gear, her in a tank top with her thong hanging out the back of her jeans.

Originates from the expression 'having a monkey on your back".
There goes Jim on his Kawi with a curb monkey hanging off of him like a lemur.
by EndoCanuck October 8, 2003
Also hell-for-leather. To ride or race at a breakneck speed. To ride recklessly or with abandon.
While racing my Honda CBR, I came around that corner riding hell for leather.
by EndoCanuck October 9, 2003