Extra urine produced by a human body that has consumed several cans/bottles of beer.

Preferred by gays into water sports.
Tyrone was the favorite to give golden showers simply because of the volume of urine he produced while drinking.
by Richard Black March 12, 2005
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A weak American-style lager.
I was mowing my lawn, and it was so hot I'd even drink piss beer.
by TravisJake August 18, 2007
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In the seventies brewers made beer that was 3.2% in alcohol content, to sell in States that allowed anyone over 18 years old to buy it. Real beer, sold only to 21+, has double or even triple that amount of alcohol, like for the stouts. So teens would need twice as much to get drunk, and then spend lots of trips to piss it out: Hence, "piss beer" was born!
We were still too young to buy stout beer and so we settled for piss beer.
by private-polymath September 7, 2021
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Adding some piss to the beer so it gives it a nicer taste
by Sex vibe July 26, 2018
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