An attractive person that looks like they could be on a magazine cover. Useful for gay and straight people to communicate.
Gay guy: "Check out the blonde chick, she's pretty mag."

Straight guy: "Yeah, that ass is great."
by fishyfish1 July 3, 2015
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Short for magazine. The cartridge or clip in a gun that the bullet's go.
Short for a magnum.
"Shit, I think my mag is jammed."
"Shit, I think my mag is jammed."
by Diego July 29, 2003
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a demeaning term used to describe someone of a lower status. This word originated from the city of Preston , UK (sounds like mug in a london accent)
mag: please dont take my dinner money!

bully: why are you telling me what to do mag?

mag: no im not!

bully: stop disagreeing mag! (bang bang)
by pittybee February 8, 2011
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1: Short for a magazine
2: Short for magpie referring to supporters of Newcastle FC
Fuck the mags!
by josquius April 15, 2004
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1. the act of puking
2. pretending that one is drunk/high when in fact they are not
3. a complete knob
Leigh: I am like soo drunk right now!
Everyone: Shutup.. no you aren't
by dont worry.. March 4, 2005
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The word can mean someone vomiting, a magazine, a magnum hand gun, and a large sized Trojan condom.
I was going to read a mag, but it was so gross I began to mag, then got turned on for some reason so put on a mag, and worked it so good that it shot out like a mag spitting bullets.
by Swagil August 18, 2005
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