A slang term used to identify Nitrous Oxide (N2O) that comes in whipped cream charges. Often referred to as "laughing gas". N2O produces a cheap high when inhaled.

Also known as "hippy crack".
I'm bored, let's grab that spare 'cream cartridge from the party, and take a hit.
by Dead Head June 28, 2005
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An external data storage device that is connected to a computer or other recording device through a specially designed slot.
Before the CD-ROM was invented, most videogames were stored in cartridges.
by AYB April 10, 2003
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Term which refers to the old game cartridges that were used by the NES and the cartridges that were used by SNES. These NES cartridges were infamous for getting so very dusty and unclean that your warm, moist, stinky breath had to be applied at the opening of said cartridge (See Nintendo Blow) to even get them to work at all! SNES cartridges were not AS bad but STILL suffered the same problems = same "solution" to NES cartridges being dusty.

After throughly "breathing" on these cartridges, and after a relatively short period of time, the game that would be using the cartridge would freeze up as the moisture ran out, and the TV which would be hooked up to your game will look psychedelic in 16 bit blocks.

For an idea of what these cartridges look like, look to your left. Occasionally there will be an ad for Busted Tees next to this definition and it will have a girl wearing a demin skirt and a green shirt saying Blow Me with a pic of a side view of a NES cartridge.
1996 (NES)- "My Cobra Command cartridge is acting up again!" Argh *Huff Huff*

1998 (SNES)- "Donkey Kong Country isn't working again..."

1999 (SNES)- "Yoshi's Island is always working as usual ;D"

2000 (???) - "Screw this crap im gonna go play playstation"
by Ranger Elite March 9, 2006
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the activation word for ttjhhh-ttcke-ttcko
cartridge! ttjhhh-ttcke-ttcko
by also chaffe April 9, 2003
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When a girl gives you a BJ before you have sex with her.
I was with this girl last night and she said, "I wanna blow it before you stick it in; like a Nintendo cartridge."
by WillDaBeast1387 April 30, 2014
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When you pull up on a N64 cartridge while playing without pulling it too much is cartridge tilting. Many things can happen. Note: It can be done by an emulator by loading a game you wont tilt, then load a game you do want to tilt. Same shit will happen. Sometimes, it will crash.
For example:
The sound will become staticy.

Glitch-like things will happen.

When cartridge tilting Goldeneye, the characters will turn into turning human balls (well not exactly).

When you cartridge tilt Yoshi Story in the beginning, the letters will change weirdly, and their eyes sometimes look like they're hypnotized.
by themuffinking December 31, 2009
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A cartridge containing flash memory that enables unsigned code or ROMs to be run on a game console. Hard to find because the ESA thinks it encourages piracy.
When my GBA has a homebrew cartridge, it can play 90 minutes of stereo music per 32MB ROM, play 5 minutes of video in 16MB, and store 100 photos in 4MB, as well as play 8-bit NES games.
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