Another word for rims, but the ghetto way to say it.
"Hey Leeroy, that's a ghetto set 'o mags you got for your Ford! Those be 24's?" Thurgood asked him.
by Brandon248 July 04, 2005
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a slang term for faggot

used in the iraqi civilization to show interest in sack rubbing

The unequivocal, yet dubious efforts of someone who is, so to speak, a faggot.
yo dude! whats good?

Yo man! I'm gay!!!!

your a mags? really?

yeah dude! Spank me!
by Lovestoshart<3 May 11, 2011
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Gold pack Trojan Brand Condoms! for real men!
Yo these girls are ready! Stop by 7-11 so I can pick up a box of mags!
by bskillzz February 16, 2006
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mags, short for maggot. a term private school kids around sydney use for getting totally pissed.
"you going friday night? we're gonna get mags at johnno's."
by Aloys Boy September 26, 2006
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"The Mag" was a controversial play on Saturday, January 18th 2020 during a rugbowl game where the Wolves faced the trojans. Early on in the game there was a supposedly missed mag call when momax "magged" girs. Anyway this shit would not matter because morning MISSED THE FUCKING SHOT
by BootyTwinkler January 18, 2020
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"The Mag" means Fresh, Dope about some News, some Magazine.
A awesome information/news coming from internet, newspaper, magazines
or another type some media.

"Mag" is a abbreviation of Magazine, coming from the streeet and urbanculture.

"The Mag." is a Slogan of the "Streetwear Mag."
Dawg Did you the see the new Supreme and Jordan Collab ?
Yeah tho The Mag !!!!!!!!!! I saw it on GQ Mag. Another Level !!!!!!!
by Patrick Bonder October 31, 2015
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