Its an expression you use when you want or needs something more than just bad.
Hey man call me back cause i need some trees mad bad!
by Tdowns June 08, 2007
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What you say to someone when they get mad at you for being better than them.
Gamer 1: You're such a loser! 1,000 hours in a game! Get a life, no wonder I can't kill you! You don't do anything else!

Gamer 2: Mad because bad.
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A sentence you write to a person who rage when he dies in a game.
"Lol sebbe-g, y u s0 m4d?"
"Stfu fagit, you cheat lol!"
" mad coz bad "
by Roflcopter1337 December 01, 2013
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When someone is mad because they’re bad at something
Bob: mad?
Rj: fuk u noob
Bob:Mad cuh bad jajaja
by Rjmadcuhbad December 19, 2017
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A shortened version of "mad because bad" typically used when someone complains about how they died/lost in an online game. Often sets off their temper, so be careful saying this.
Astrophysically: tf was that shot gay ass
DiamondHunter684: mad cuz bad
by TryhardSarv October 12, 2020
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One of Gods roasts (god tier roasts)
Guy 1: ur mad cuz bad
Guy 2: * just fucking dies*
Guy 1: that will teach you, You stupid ni.
by lord fanlord October 16, 2020
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