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The ultimate self promoter. He makes good beats but barely says anything in his songs. He always wants you to listen, but does not have alot to say. Anywhere you see him, either on tv or on a truck or billboard he will be sayin- buy my album.

Dj Khaled: Lisssttennnn
Me: im listening
Dj Khaled: We da best!
by Tdowns August 21, 2007

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While Bush probably cares the least for blacks, the truth is George Bush dosent care about most people.
Kanye: George Bush doesn't care about black people
crew: no shit but you cant say that on the air.
by Tdowns August 31, 2007

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Strong in the sense of smell.
Something that is potent can be smelled easilly, or could burn your nostrills

could be good or bad.
GOOD: Damn this weed is mad potent, i can smell it through 2 bags.
BAD: Fuckin A, man your socks are mad potent and burnin off my eyebrows
by Tdowns August 17, 2007

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The United states police force. They will take your weed from you. If those Nazis find some on your person they will search your car for more. Then they take you to jail, becuase we all know weed smokers are dangerous criminals...jajajahaha
hide your bag the Ganja nazis be on our tail
by Tdowns August 30, 2007

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DJ Drama(Tyree Cinque Simmons)is the official Dj for T.I., but he is most well-known for his achievements in the mixtape game, producing the popular "Gangsta Grillz" mix tape series.

In 2005 Drama independently released sixteen of his twenty southern based mix tapes, featuring acts such as Saigon, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Webbie, Little Brother, and Pimp Squad Click (P$C). He's also one third of the highly productive Aphilliates Music Group with DJ Don Cannon and DJ Sense.

He will be releasing the album "Gangsta Grillz: The Album" in November of 2007. The album's first single is "Takin Pictures" which features Young Jeezy, Willie The Kid, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Young Buck & T.I.1

DJ Drama along with Dj cannon were arrested with 81,000 unlicensed cd's in Jan of 07.
by Tdowns September 19, 2007

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official online bank of scammers. People on Craigslist will try to use it too scam you.

used to send money
Scammer: Oh I sent a money order, but we accidently sent the money order for the wrong item, Please send the extra 800$ to the adress using western union.

money order was fake and the adress was africa. I hate people sometimes.
by Tdowns August 16, 2007

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2 oz peach schnapps
1 oz spiced rum
6 0z orange juice

MAd tastey
3 parts that make up the tropical drink bermuda triangle
by Tdowns August 16, 2007

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