A sarcastic way to say "fuck you". Mostly used on chat services such as IRC and other sites that have chats. It's not meant to be taken seriously, so keep this in mind.
Person 1: Wow this is so stupid
Person 2: fuk u
Person 1: no u
by LucasRCD July 31, 2016
An informal way to say "goodbye and good luck with whatever you're trying to accomplish" when you're so flabbergasted by an individual's or group's words or actions that you only have 4 letters in you. Not at all related to profanity or the work "fuck"
Person: Donald Trump would make a great president.
Logical human: fuk u
by RT4T November 2, 2015
A chinese restaurant located in SF.
Dude: Hey! Fuk U?

Badass goodlooking piece of a hot woman: Fuck off! *Smack*

Dude: *wraf*
by Fessus Fessheim August 9, 2006
Can typically start any internet rebuttal (There are exceptions, usually based on common sense) and sometimes ends with 'Also, Penis.' for an attempted humorous twist.
InternetGuy1: hay u faggt
internatsdood23: fuk u.
internatsdood23: Also, Penis.
by Raggs August 1, 2008
When a person tries to say "fuck you bitch" in a really bad Asian accent. Primarily used to troll.
Brandon: "Hey guys, want to hear my Jah-puh-knees" Jerome: "No nigga that's racist" Brandon: "Waht-eva ju maddafakker, fuk u bic"
by B. Dynamite March 1, 2015
wot pakis shout bak when a white boy says "oi paki"
white boy: oi paki take that fukin tea towel off ya head son
paki: fuk u white boy
by renegade April 27, 2005
what sophia says when she mad🦹🏿 ♀️🦹🏿 ♀️
by bitches mad April 18, 2020