m4d or M4D also means M4D-Gaming as in http://m4d-gaming.com which is a CS or Counter Strike website, CS Clan & Community and point of call for many CS players that use any of the 10 -M4D servers currently on offer. Players from all parts of the world play at -M4D gaming servers via the Steam network. The m4d stands for Marked for Death. Counter Strike or CS is a First Person Shooter game usually played online against people from anywhere in the world.
m4d Marked 4 Death steam Steam gaming Gaming
by Suicidal SK#1 March 27, 2009
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l33t talk, translates into 'elite mad hacker'
j00 4rE 4 n00b, 1m 4 1337 m4d h4x0/2!!!1111
by fortisune April 28, 2005
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