m4d or M4D also means M4D-Gaming as in http://m4d-gaming.com which is a CS or Counter Strike website, CS Clan & Community and point of call for many CS players that use any of the 10 -M4D servers currently on offer. Players from all parts of the world play at -M4D gaming servers via the Steam network. The m4d stands for Marked for Death. Counter Strike or CS is a First Person Shooter game usually played online against people from anywhere in the world.
m4d Marked 4 Death steam Steam gaming Gaming
by Suicidal SK#1 March 27, 2009
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l33t talk, translates into 'elite mad hacker'
j00 4rE 4 n00b, 1m 4 1337 m4d h4x0/2!!!1111
by fortisune April 28, 2005
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A member of the piracy community, movies for discord, and subsequent site and discord server. The wild M4D member is unable to think critically, use common sense, use an internet index like Google and seems to only reside in discord channels to be a nuisance
Don’t blame him for his stupidity, he is a M4D member and can’t help himself
by Orsina September 8, 2022
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