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Oftenly used on online games, "jajaja" is a form a laughing used by Spanish people. Just like "San Jose" and "Jalapeno" the "J" is pronounced like and "H".
In Counter-Strike

Player #1 - "jajaja i pwned j00!"
Player #2 - "shut the hell up, u stupid spanish fuk!"
by Stubon April 23, 2005
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a form of laughter derived from the Spanish spelling of "ha ha ha." However, it is still pronounced with the traditional English 'J' sound, often implemented by jaded American Spanish students.
by J Master Funk July 25, 2005
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the spanish way of saying hahaha, they also say jijiji equalivent to the english hehehe
1: *guy tells a joke*
2: omg that was f'n hilarious jajaja
1: WTF
2: what?
1: dammit your not latino, and your in america so stop laughing in spanish at me!!
2: jajaja jijijiji
by alaskahammylol August 19, 2010
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the way of the noobish spanish ppl to laugh in Lineage and other games,
same as xaxaxa,

most of the time come in Caps
"panic 0wnZ j00, JAJAJAJAJA"

by DeuSX August 18, 2005
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Used in Iceland to break the silence in either (A) awkward situation (B) to keep a conversation afloat or (C) to show emotional support to a speaker.

In written format one should not use a Jájaja following another person´s Jájaja without using an Exclamation mark

The last "a" in Jajaja is silent, a small nose whistling sound is considered polite after a Jájaja.
After a long pause in conversation a well placed Jájaja can keep even the dullest minds engaged.

Example "the weather is quite good today...jájajaja the weather is very good."
by Dr. plafbejen April 26, 2017
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