An incorrect spelling of the word "faggot" that is often used by illiterate bastards like yourself who came in search of this non-existent word.
Beast: "You're such a fagit."

Intelligent Human: "I believe you mean "faggot" you damn dirty ape."
by Beast Killer May 10, 2006
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a person thats looks, acts, talks , gay or likes other guys a total ugly ass!!!!
"johnnys a fagit!!"
by AShBuG April 15, 2004
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ethier donn or a man who likes other men
donn is a fagit
by Andrew April 30, 2003
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A homosexual (usually used in association with Boston College and Boston University athletes past and present)
1) Brian Gionta is a BC fagit.
2) I hope that BU Fagit Rick DiPietro never gets out of the AHL
3) You're a fagit.
by wonko January 16, 2003
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Female Ass Grabber Including Tits basically any straight guy..dont use unless the person u are talking to knows this meaning
Tommy: I am such a fagit
Jimmy: WHAT!?! DUDE, back off man
Tommy: NO! not that kind of fagit...F-A-G-I-T too
by .:*sHeLbY*:. December 12, 2005
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Spodermen's favourite word, also his definition for everyone except for himself. So basically only Spodermen is not an fagit.
Hello am Spodermen and u r an fagit.
by Mistah Fagit May 31, 2017
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An adjective popularized by the YouTube "comic" Spodermen. It's pronounced "fa-jit", contrary to popular belief. Skeptics should go watch any one of Spodermen's videos.

According to Spodermen, everyone is "an fagit" except him. There are apparently varying degrees of "fagit-ness" that manifest in everyone, except him (see previous).

The word is related to "faggot" in appearance only; it does not mean the same thing (although being a fagit" is inferred to be bad). However it does apply exclusively to men — ALL men, with the aforementioned exception of Spodermen. Females cannot be fagits; they are "biches" which seems to be the equivalent (although being "an bich" is not a bad thing unless it's referring to a man; Spodermen calls Juses Crust a "litl bich" several times as an insult. He refers to all females as biches; but interestingly never as an insult.)
ur an fagit
ur an fuking fagit
kys cuz ur an big fagit
by Brodo_Swaggins October 16, 2016
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