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When a turtle sticks his head out, touches cloth and then retreats back into the bomb-bay doors, not to be seen again for several hours.
Whoa, I had a scary tegget earlier this morning.
by Giovanni May 20, 2003
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Me+boner=ur mother shut up im not talking about your mother like that im not GAY!! I SWEAR IM NOT GAY!!! STOP YELLING AT ME GRANDMOM!!
by Giovanni December 29, 2004
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vitanamise for "go, go quickly", and it is pronounced "diddy mow", NOT "diddy mowuu"
move, di di mau
by Giovanni January 14, 2004
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A penis pertaining to or replicating the image of the miniscule aquatic organism, the shrimp.
Bahhhhhhhh, that dude's got a shrimp dick. Hahaha, everybody point and laugh!!!
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
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The "sex" taking place between one's dick and another's face. The act of oral pleasures.
Give me head bitch, let's face fuck
by Giovanni January 2, 2003
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1. A phrase referring to the infatuation of the male sex organ. More commonly used to tease friends or label a gay man, it can also be used for women.
2. A friendly name to call someone.
1. Wow, that guy just loves the cock.
2. Hey, loves the cock, go get me a beer.
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
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Day After Yesterday, one of the greatest bands.
Day owns your life, they are cool.
by Giovanni October 4, 2004
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