Caring funny person who takes things things to heart not dumb but not a nerd either. Cruz is a person to not really give a shit half the time and doesn’t like doing things he doesn’t have to.
Damn, he fr acting like a Cruz right now.
by Dhsus962/ March 8, 2019
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Usually a Mexican boy with the sexiest and most MILF like mother.
Me and my friends all gathered up to meet with Cruz, our friend, to have a party with his mother. *Insert lipbite*
by battweryac1d January 21, 2022
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A true stud who has all the ladies and is a player has a large penis as well.
by GamingReflex June 23, 2020
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Cruz is a unique name they are usually very good athletes , they are also very handsome , they can have any female they want , and are also very nice dressers .
Damn... he look like a Cruz .
by Guinness World Record August 23, 2019
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Well now Cruz is (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
Lazy but awesome

OK thanks life
See that boy he's a Cruz.
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