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Caring funny person who takes things things to heart not dumb but not a nerd either. Cruz is a person to not really give a shit half the time and doesn’t like doing things he doesn’t have to.
Damn, he fr acting like a Cruz right now.
by Dhsus962/ March 07, 2019
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a very epic gamer like one of the best ones in the world, also he has the biggest pp. he is amazing and you should give him everything you own.
hey your pp is cruz sized

oh thanks broski
by Big-Boi420 October 25, 2019
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A total stud that gets all of the b*tches and has fresh cakes. Also has a big c*ck.
by TheKidAca7 April 07, 2017
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A word for a person.
Whose brother is gay.
Will tell you they love you.

But really just want to use you.
Person 1: Oh what a cruz

Person 2: Talking bad about others to make himself look good

What an a**
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by Sayit2mefacecoward December 13, 2019
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