Edwin is a very kind and caring person. Even though sometimes he seems down he will always try his best to help you be happy. You can always count on him to be there for you. He is very fun to be around and makes a great movie buddy. Has a great smile and an amazing laugh. He is very loyal and will wait as long as it takes to be with the person he loves. His taste in music is immaculate. He won't ever judge you for who you are and will try and be friends with everyone he meets. Edwin is so lovable and sweet. Can be innaporiate at times but is very funny and everyone always wants to be around him.
by getete October 28, 2020
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Awesome, kind ,handsome, helpful, enjoyable to be around , handsome ,lovable , his smile can make your day , can make you his friend with his smile
Edwin is the best
by Vgbej June 26, 2018
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Amazing, Wonderful, Happy, Outgoing, Energetic. The most ambitious person you'll ever meet. He will always keep a promise & is such a great person to everyone he meets. He could also be defined as perfection & love.
Person1: Who is that guy ??
Person2: That, that is an Edwin(:
by Hislilbunnybutt July 08, 2011
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Hey Edwin “Sup Dogg” sup sweet cheeks and Edwin makes a three and wins the game for the state championships
by Edwim March 21, 2015
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Perfection, sweetness, sexy, just overall a perfect lover
OMG, He is such an Edwin <3
Like Edwin is so sweet, and is mine <3
by Linnaaxx33 February 22, 2013
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The sweetest panda in the world. Buys chocolates and cheetos for girls. Gets sprung very quickly also.
Edwin- "I miss you",, "please come over", "Im sprung"
by Bronxonwheels April 16, 2011
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Incredibly handsome. Intelligent. Talented. Sweet. Sexy. Fun Loving. Carefree. Funny... The greatest man you could ever meet. Quite the ladies man. Dazzles women with his subtle charm and hypnotizes with his tremendous smile. NO women has the ability to resist.
I’ve never met an Edwin until now, he’s so hot!
by Blessed.Great. March 09, 2020
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