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Sweetest guy you'll ever meet; often times confused but always finds his own way; Handsome; Sleek looking; His smile could end all wars; easy to fall in love with once you get to talking often; man of few words but always knows just what to say; very gentleman-like; never has anything bad to say about anyone; Always walks with his head down until you say something about it; isn't very confident but should be; humbled; selfless; charming; his eyes literally steal the light from the bulb; enjoys music; man of many instruments; as close to perfect as a human being could get; Non-Judgmental; Would do anything his heart could allow
1: His name is Edwin. 😍
2: Go get him, Tiger.

1: I said Edwin, not trash. I can't win his heart. It's freaking golden.

2: Every lady deserves a heart of gold.

1: Just because I deserve him doesn't mean he'll like me. I can't force a relationship.

2: Actually....
1: No, Kaya, that's rape. πŸ˜‚
2: Hey you said something about him.

1: I said I like him,- Lord you're crazy.
2: Ya, and you're in love.

1: No, I'm just... Dazzled.

2: No, you've been Ed-I-Fied

1: Shut up. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
by Remedy for Memory January 08, 2018
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Amazing, Wonderful, Happy, Outgoing, Energetic. The most ambitious person you'll ever meet. He will always keep a promise & is such a great person to everyone he meets. He could also be defined as perfection & love.
Person1: Who is that guy ??
Person2: That, that is an Edwin(:
by Hislilbunnybutt July 08, 2011
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Not only he has the most perfect size balls to fit your hands, but he also has got to have the most beautiful, cunning, enticing penis you'd ever see. The size also comes in handy with a bulge u cant miss, always sticks out of his pants.
Did u see the size of his crotch, he must be an Edwin
by jojodie February 03, 2010
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An obnoxious but lovable friend, says some really dumb shit, but manages to make it funny. Typically tall and awkward in motion. Generally bad ass.
"I'm trying to talk on the phone, stop yelling. You're being an Edwin"
by Imperator07 March 01, 2009
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Hey Edwin β€œSup Dogg” sup sweet cheeks and Edwin makes a three and wins the game for the state championships
by Edwim March 27, 2015
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