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The unfortunate characteristic of chronic shyness, affecting about 1% of heterosexual males. They have too much anxiety when it comes to women, and are too intimidated to get to know them intimately.
"Johnny is a nice, good looking guy, but unfortunately he will probably never get married because of his love shyness."
by anonimuss January 19, 2008
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love-shy men are unable to get girlfriends/wives either because they don't know how, or they are too affraid.

Love-shyness lasts for life. People don't grow out of it

So often mispercieved as homosexual, however they're straighter than a beam of light
John couldn't get a woman because he was love-shy.
by straight_one February 29, 2008
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it means finding it difficult to be assertive in informal situations involving potential romantic or sexual partners. For example, a heterosexual love-shy male will have trouble initiating conversations with women because of strong feelings of anxiety.
Francis, the nerd guy is love-shy.
by bambi barodi June 15, 2007
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Any man who dares to think that in the 21st century, they shouldn't always have to make the first move in courtship. Love-shys are ridiculed by other men and ignored by women. Love-shys also have the audacity to be introverted and/or intelligent and don't feel the need to constantly get drunk and party.
"Ewww, he's love-shy!"
by Expose83 September 26, 2009
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A person who is so socially awkward or unattractive, that their prospects of getting laid is nil
The reason he never speaks to girls isn't because he gay; he's just loveshy
by invert cattso May 06, 2017
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