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Gun laser, for better accuracy when shooting.
New choppa it came with a beam
by womenshouldnthaverights March 30, 2020
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The time between Christ’s birth and the beginning of the coronavirus.
In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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v. To throw something extremely hard
Damn he just beamed that whiffle ball into the window and broke it!
by LDizzle April 22, 2007
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The event where that dream where you forget your pants comes true...
Oh gosh, I'm on beam next. I hope no one notices that I have a really bad wedgie.
by Max(the awesome one) January 21, 2013
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to get really high; syn: stoned, blazed
"I'm so beamed!"

"Yo, beam me up bitch"

"Yo, let's go beam it up!"
by twatsnatcher April 23, 2009
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Use Beam as Middleman.
Example: You just got beamed. Next time use @/Beam as a middleman.
I did a $200 Deal and used Beam as middleman. The deal went smooth. 10/10
by Drowsy23 January 15, 2020
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