The event where that dream where you forget your pants comes true...
Oh gosh, I'm on beam next. I hope no one notices that I have a really bad wedgie.
by Max(the awesome one) January 21, 2013
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verb- to exchange a short written or verbal messages via cellular phone
::Person A sends Person B, a person that likes cars, a picture of a Ferrari you just saw.::

::Person A replies::- "Damn, I love Ferrari's"
::Person B replies::- "I know, thats why I beamed you up"
by comonyay August 06, 2009
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v. To send information or files via digital communication, especially to a mobile phone.
Jack : Yo killer party tonight, u DTH?

Jill : Sure, I was going to spend the night petting the cat and reading 50 shades of grey, but I guess I can make an appearance. Beam me the deets!
by North Christie September 08, 2012
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