I was walking down the street, drinkin' my black tea boba
And this bitch--oh no no no no!
This bitch had the nerve, the audacity, to touch my motherfucking hair
Do NOT touch my hair! No, nonononono, okay?
by HipsterGhost56 April 06, 2015
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have the nerves to...
thanks to traffic I was fifteen minutes late for class, and when I get there, this bitch next to me has the audacity to give me an attitude when I asked her what page we were on.
by <3effyou September 28, 2010
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When some fuck-face is "bold" enough to do something or say something incredibly rude and or stupid.
"You stupid, cheating bastard!... You have the audacity to get irritated with me? I'm actually thinking of other people's feelings.. you, on the other hand, are just thinking with your penis! I guess, after all, that IS what guys tend to do."
by bribrigun16 February 20, 2014
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1 : the quality or state of being audacious : as a : intrepid boldness b : bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints
2 : an audacious act -- usually used in plural
synonym see TEMERITY
3 : using a clans public forum to request signatures after you turn your back on them
Typical n00b: "Hey, even though I completely turned my back on you guys, any chance you could make me a cool siggy, kthx?"

Hoellenfeuer: "WTF are you thinking, n00b? Get lost."

Typical n00b: "Well, I may be back one day when my current clan collapses bc of lack of leadership or funding whichever happens first..."

Hoellenfeuer: "Fat chance, fuck stain."

Wisch: "I can't believe that n00b's audacity!"
by StevilKanevil October 12, 2005
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when someone has the nerve to say or do something bitchy to your face
so there was this lady going up the stairs to the train and she had a baby stroller and i was waiting for her to pass but the fat stroller took up the whole passage and she was like OH MY F***ING GOD DO YOU NOT SEE I HAVE A BABY IN A STROLLER" ... OF COURSE I SAW IT THAT TOOK UP THE WHOLE PASSAGE DO YOU REALLY HAVE THE AUDACITY FOR THIS and i was like ok ok sorry... like, TILT THE FREAKING STROLLER, IM NOT GOING ALL THE WAY BACK UP THE STAIRS FOR YOU TO PASS
by epiepimejen May 29, 2018
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