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telling someone to fight you. in other words, DO SUMTHIN
Bob: Shut up before i punch you in your face
You: What?! U so hard then pop off!
by Ekho May 31, 2005
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(v.) To lose one's cool; become really pissed off. The idiom is in reference to a pressure cap popping off, usually resulting in a nasty burn or imminent explosion. Thus, the person who caused the pop off is about to get told or be destroyed, depending on the nature and severity of the inflammatory incident.
James: Vernie, your little wigga child is uuuuugly.
Vernie: No you di'int, heeeyll no, heyell no, heyell nah, heyell no, you said what, naaah, heyell no, heyell no, heeeyeeeell, no, etc.
{Vernie has popped off at James' comment}
Boss: Dave, I know you're a family man, but I need you to come in Saturday... aaaaand Sunday, and stay late every night this week.

Dave: That's cool boss, I'm just gonna need your head in a fucking drill press while I go to work on your nuts with some bolt cutters and run an arc torch down your spine after I've nailed your feet to the floor with a remington power driver.

Boss: Okay Dave, no need to pop off now, I'll get Clarence to do it.
by testicles...that is all July 31, 2008
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Verb or noun The starting point of an event; ie a fight or a party.

Also, the action of shooting a gun

"In the club all the time nigga, its about to pop off nigga "
by Godivabap October 13, 2003
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telling another person to go away in an offensive way with out cussin'
go on pop off you cunt.
by denzel washington October 06, 2004
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the act of achieving "great success," AKA getting in a solid fuck following and/or during a party

**Note that the verb pop off can also be used to signify non-fucking activities including making out, fingering, ass eating, BJs, strawberry shortcaking, and dirty sanchez'ing

**Also note that, under extenuating circumstances, this verb can be utilized to denote the lit atmosphere of parties
Adam: Yo, you trying to pop off tonight?

Rohan: Absolutely my neighbor!
by Adam696969 September 30, 2017
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like when your leaving the diner and some spic and his posse are causin a ruckis in the parking lot and then he comes to the door talkin about wanting to fight and he says "yo nigga you wanna pop off"
by i pay his check January 14, 2006
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