Term adj. Used in both a positive and negative manner as a descriptor of the person being spoken to or an object in question and also to describe ones state of frustation.
Yo mufucka you better back your ass up.
Hey homey hows ya mufuckin ass been.
Mufucka i just stumped my toe.
Aint this a mufucka.
by Justice October 16, 2002
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"Yo 'sup mufucka what you doin mah nigga?"
by Magus January 22, 2005
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Generic term used as a noun, verb, adjective, exclamation and adverb by incredibly vocab-limited Hood-persons as a lazy form of the too-many-syllabled "mutherfucker", which of course refers to the fact that since the actual lineage of many hood-persons is unclear, that having sex with a female hood-person may in fact be having sex with one's own mother (unless she's younger than you are.)
HP1: "hey bro', wanna hit some mufuckin' pussy tonite?"
HP2: "nah, mufucka, mufuckin' sister aks me ta hep her
wit' her mufuckin' homework tonite. ain't dat a
HP1: "mufucka! I'm mufuckin' ready fo' pussy tonite!"
HP3: "how y'all mufucka's is, dawg?"
(HP= Hood-person)
by William the White June 28, 2006
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used by those who sound like they have a load of shit in their mouths. Usually black people who talk like ass.
Whassup mufucka. Where is my momma be?
by Keith March 25, 2005
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Sum Lamar said in gta 5 in a drug deal gone wrong
Man this mufucka drywall!!!!
by Mymomstanklike pepperoni December 23, 2022
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