StarCraft - the best realtime strategy game ever made.
This game requires more skill than any game on the market at the moment!
by 55 June 15, 2003
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1. SC is home to many immigrants from Eastern Europe.
2. Jack is posting Lil Yachty's concert to sc.
3. Chloe's new dog is sc!!
by ludicrous_ November 7, 2016
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Sc stands for Snap Chat, a Social Media where you can take pictures or film 10 second videos with filters including dog faces or flower crowns. You can send the pictures to your story or to someone privately, but the catch is that you can only see the picture or video for 1-10 seconds. You can also have streaks with friends.
Hey, Bella we should really start a sc streak!
by YouDontGiveADamAboutMe December 1, 2016
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Silent Chuckle. When something is funny, but not so funny to deserver an lol or a rofl... but the situation is amusing enough to make you chuckle silently to yourself.
The joke Tam told me caused me to sc.
by Kathy G. June 22, 2007
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Santa Cruz, the best city eva, located in NOR CAL, an hour south of san francisco, where the wetsuit and cold water surfing were invented, home of Santa cuz sakteboards and O'neill's Surf Shop and The Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk
Dude i visited SC and there was awsome surf, but too many tourists during the summer
by Quinn Doud August 17, 2006
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The servers down due to a sc
by ZBryan July 11, 2008
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