Long-john \lawng-jon\, verb:
to repetively irritate; to bother incessantly; to drive crazy.

"stop long-johning me, get that thing out of my face already"

by mE$c@Li+O~ March 12, 2009
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it means a long penis and it squirts cum and impregnates women
oh long john do it do it hard and wet
by Matthew De Gregorio July 25, 2017
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When one flap of the vagina lips is longer than the other.
Does your Long John hang low, does it wobble to the flo?
by HeyitsLJ April 19, 2011
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A very looooonnngggg turd
“Omg! Did you blow up the bowl and then leave a long John?!”
“Sorry mother”
by Ipeedonthecat October 17, 2019
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Silver Slim rolling papers, coming from:
Long Silvers Slims,
Long John Silver,
Long Johns
esp. for use with rolling a mixture of tobacco and marijuana
You got and Long Johns left? I really need a joint
by Cembin August 30, 2008
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