The act in which a person is gluttonous, untidy, unhygienic and releasing bodily gassed with no thought of consequence.
Girl: *eats 5 portions of plates*
Guy: “You’ve really got an appetite huh...”
Girl: *belches and farts*
Guy: “You’re the definition of slobbery!”
by Anonymous1847282718181 June 25, 2020
The act of being a total slob. Or, may also describe a state of having excessive amounts of saliva aka slobber.
I can barely walk into my apartment anymore. My roommate’s slobbery is out of control.

The smell of that barbecue is causing me a lot of slobbery. I’m starving.
by Eaton Holgoode June 18, 2018
'Slobbery Sandra' is a definition of a blowjob. It came up in a Reddit thread on the 3rd of December 2013.
...Just because she once gave me a little Slobbery Sandra does not mean my authority had been undermined...
by Dictator_Piggles December 3, 2013
When your girl takes an insane amount of thc and you grudge fuck the shit out of her to the point that she drools and moans like a she has a mental disorder.
Gave the wife two tablespoons of ghetto butter and pulled off the slobbery tard.
by Griller92 December 18, 2020
Upon giving road-head the recipient of the jizm places their head out of the passenger window and spits thus leaving a trail of jizm dangling from their jowls like that of a slobbering bulldog.
* While driving down the highway * " Why does that girl have her head hanging out the window? Damn, she looks like a Slobbery Bulldog."
by I'mthatNiceguy October 8, 2011
Language spoken by those who are fluent in cunnilingus.
Guy: Hey baby, you wanna go back to my place?

Babe: I don't you speak slobbery tongue?
by The Code Yoda January 19, 2009