To slam your large member deep into the rectum of your girlfriend, vigorously gliding it in and out of her puckered anus over and over and over until you gush a huge glob of your thick ball batter DEEP into her gut. Probably the greatest joy known to man.
Man, I was so horny last night that once i butt fucked Rachel, she was still leaking my semen for 3 hours.
by boricuadepuracepa July 25, 2011
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sex where a penis penetraits someone's anus
Sheryl almost died when tom asked her if she wanted to butt fuck
by Anonymous June 17, 2002
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The best sex. Insert penis into anus.
I butt fuck my boyfriend at least once a day. He prefers to butt fuck doggy style.
by badlandsboy December 23, 2003
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Yo mami... that ass looks so good that it makes me want to butt fuck you all week long!
by Huidos January 6, 2004
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A common word used for having anal sex or a slang term for a dumb ass or someone stupid.
Charlotte: Oh baby gimme some butt fuck!
Ben (inserts penis up anus.)

john:(bumps into lamp poast)
mike: hah yr a god damn butt fuck

by Shauna n stephanie J. October 2, 2006
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