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the thing that hangs over your balls. some people like to call it a penis
bitch, get that stank off my hang low
by purplemonky November 23, 2003
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The Hanglow is a sexual act which involves a male and a female. The female does a headstand and holds the position with the aid of a wall or other supportive structure. Once the female has taken this position, the male kneels near her head and proceeds to place his penis into her open mouth. As he inserts his penis into her mouth, he must scream, "It's TIME to BRING the DEEPS!"
All Steve wanted for his Birthday was a Hanglow. At first his girlfriend was nervous, but after she felt his power, she became addicted to the sexual act.
by TheRealDuplicity April 21, 2011
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Used to describe male genitalia.
I'll punch you in your hanglow.
get some stank on your hanglow = sex
by jeoytew April 28, 2006
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1. See dick
2. commonly refers to a large than average penis among African Americans.
"Yo, I'm gonna call that bitch up after work and see if i can gets some stank on the hang-low."
by Morris Ginsberg January 21, 2005
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Big Huge nuts that hang so low the scrape the ground
"Ryans a little bitch, go kick him in the Hang-Lows"

"Suck on these Hang-Lows Beatch!!!"
by conch May 23, 2005
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The greatest musical act since Weird Al.

Its members have all been arrested for sex crimes.
They probably had sex with your moms...

In fact they are probably your dad!
If you look up fucking awesome in the dictionary, well the Hang Lows wont be there but its a good way to kill some time.

or you could visit.
the hang lows will rock your balls right off.
by joe mammamamma February 03, 2010
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