14 definitions by danglyballzjohn

The nervous sensation felt in the balls when afraid of falling or of heights, often experienced when standing on the edge of a building or riding a roller coaster.
When we stood on the observer box in the Willis Tower, I could really feel the monkey tickle looking down.
by danglyballzjohn February 5, 2017
I busted such a large nut that my dong has jizzum frosting all along the shaft, a vanilla long john!!
by danglyballzjohn January 22, 2017
A vagina that is so hairy you fear it will be ripped off like a bear trap upon penetration.
I was so game to fuck until I saw her grizzled muff, I walked away because I thought her bear snatch would rip my dick off.
by danglyballzjohn November 24, 2018
Friend: "Hey Bill, you wanna play some basketball?"
Bill: "I would, but I'm kinda constipated and horny so I'll go for a solo blumpkin."
by danglyballzjohn June 6, 2015
A term used to describe when someone is naked from the waist down.
Bob: "Hey Bill, put some pants on!"
Bill: "I've got pants on."
Bob: "Really? Then those are the ugliest pair of flesh pants I've ever seen."
by danglyballzjohn April 1, 2018
Slang for penis, particularly when is not thinking rationally, but mostly due to hormonal motives
Stop using your little brain to think and get it together.
by danglyballzjohn December 26, 2022