An ankle bracelet that lets police keep track of you if you're on house arrest or probation.
Kobe could be wearing the lojack pretty soon.
by MJD January 07, 2004
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#1 Honing device installed in vehicles. Police are able to locate your vehicle with this device if the vehicle is stolen.
#1 My car got hijacked, good thing I had Lojack installed, the police found it in 15 minutes.
by D April 09, 2005
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To stalk or to be obsessive about someone. Originally a brand name for an anti-theft device used by police to track down stolen vehicles.
I swear that girl has you lojacked.
by Kats June 08, 2003
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Awe man, he was so hot, too bad he's got a lojack.
by D April 09, 2005
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A friend who never fails to show up just as your lighting your head blunt.
He's definitly a weed lojacker, he always knows.
by PrincessNursie August 11, 2010
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the act of inserting a small gps unit into the ass during sex. Then monitoring the whereabouts of your partner.
Johnny suspected his girlfriend was cheating.So he gave her the louisville lojack.
by fluffywhite August 07, 2008
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How da famous NYC detective tracks his vehicle and other valuables if they get stolen.
If someone steals da homing-device from Lieutenant Theo's car, would dat be called a "Kojak LoJack hijack"???
by QuacksO May 23, 2021
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