Approximately where. I am utterly disgusted and sick of the insane lack of dignity on this "dictionary" - inordinate cussing, inappropriate folly, and other things not worth mentioning. I pray this definition will cause a rebellion on this evil dictionary that it may return and rebel against this evil age and return to TRUTH of good, solid definitions.
whereabouts do you come from?
by The Great Professor December 13, 2017
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a discord server full of lorax loving fans, specifically Onceler simps. it’s crazy and everyone there is horny
user1: hey what discord server should i join?
user2: idk but definitely not oncelers whereabouts, it’s full of more than 600 freaks.
by lostgroceries June 19, 2023
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Luke : Yo ! Where is Geoff ?
Mark : Slacker is working from home , his horse is sick ! Damn , thats a Demers Whereabouts !

Luke : Where is Geoff ?
Mark : Douche is working from home , he spying on his spouse ! Damn , thats a Demers Whereabouts !
by S1@y3r_Murphy March 23, 2011
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