A highly addictive, dangerous drug derived from algae scraped off of lobster shells. The most potent lobster pot comes from lobsters caught in the Bering Strait of Alaska. This is seen on the hit show The Deadliest Catch- the lobsters are quickly put into underground tanks in which excons harvest lobster pot off of the catch. The lobsters are rarely shown in these tanks, as any signs of lobster pot harvesting would result in the forfeiture of the drugs to the DEA, and subsequent criminal prosecution. Users of lobster pot often observe hallucinations and feelings of invincibility. In fact, the underground rapper Lil Nicky Fizzle was arrested after allegedly eating his girlfriend, mistaking her for a chicken parmigiana grinder.
Lobster Pothead: yo nigga yo gots that lobster pot?

Friend: Nah nigga, that shit is crazy, you get 25 to life just for possession, aint you heard of Nicky Fizzle? That dude ate his ho
by big og December 10, 2009
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when a female has claws attatched to her vagina
gee whiz wally, her lobster pot snapped my dick right off
by sarahbeth November 5, 2006
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A gay pejorative exclusive to people from Maine suggesting an imminent dominating sexual encounter that can't be escaped.
King Crab angles over to me and tries to butter me up with his beady eyes, but I knew what was coming.

"Here," he says, "put this bib on. You're gonna be my bisque tonight. I'm gonna fork you mercilessly."

I knew right then and there I was in a world of screaming hot water. Indeed, it was a veritable lobster pot with no place to hide, no place to scuttle. A cracker's world, with no bottom in sight.
by sprockethawk December 31, 2013
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when you order a beer in a bar and it turns out to be extremely expensive but are obliged to pay for it and finish it
we walked in to this lobster pot of a bar.. ordered a few beers and drank them quick.. when we got the bill, it was three times more than we expected!
by mossko February 4, 2010
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When older gentlemen take younger men out on a boat for intercourse at sea.
All these new sexy graduates, we’ll need to take them out for some lobster potting.
by Concerned Fisherman October 12, 2018
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The dried result of scraping a single-celled green algae off of the shells of lobsters, which is then rolled and smoked or smoked from a pipe. Highly Illegal and prosecuted.
Stoner: Hey you have any of that lobster pot?
Fisherman: Shhh man, you're gonne get me busted for dealing.
by TokenToker December 7, 2009
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Utilising a police helicopter's infrared scanner to watch a couple having sex, with their consent, typically whilst in a swinging relationship with said couple
I was fired from the South Yorkshire police force for Lobster Potting
by Kadeshiseraph June 2, 2018
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