25 to life is the prison sentence for murder. If you are convicted the judge has to sentence you to a minimum of 25 years.
If OJ was convicted he would have gotten 25 to life.
by redrum781 March 1, 2006
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The name of a very deep Eminem song. Originally meant to be the final song of his career, the final track of Recovery depicts the hatred that Eminem has grown for hip hop, and his plans to "divorce her."
"Too late for the other side,
Caught in a chase, 25 to life."
by The urban redneck December 20, 2015
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"For every rhyme I write, its 25 to life" Havoc / Mobb Deep
by AndiZed October 6, 2004
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How long a person in the ghetto is bound to live (25 years)
Samm: YEAH! Its ma 26th bday, I survived the 25 to life prediction!
by Mark Cav April 11, 2006
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Are you buying 25 to life?
Hell yeah, do I look retarded?
by TX18 August 4, 2005
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