There was bere traffic on the road.
by Ash2011 October 2, 2008
A hilarious male from Belgium that has a burning passion for felines. Beres are usually incredibly intelligent and pick up things like foreign language at an amazing pace. A guy who's really good at basketball and gets all the chicks. He spents time online and likes to game, but at the same time is well cultured. likes cats and anime but not as much as girls. You want to be friends with a Bere. If you ever date a Bere, he will take you to Starbucks .
wow! that guy must be a Bere!!

the other day I met a Bere, and oh my god, it was great.
by aekii April 13, 2013
a snarlee bere is a bear. its snarl sounds like aaaaarr. if you see a snarlee bere you will topple of a mountain.
look there's a snarlee bere (topples of mountain)
by hippo April 5, 2020
1.the dudes with the squirls who bake all night and love playing guitar hero.
we are like qually and beree,amazing!
by maryell93 November 3, 2008
The Galra distress signal in Voltron
Galra robot under attack: Yordam bering exus
Other Galra bots: *runs over to help*
by Kaifwa December 21, 2020
A (completely heterosexual) activity that involves straight members of the same sex getting naked around one another.
Me and the guys were all showering together, but it was no big deal because it was just Bering Straits.
by Lance Weinstein July 11, 2008