The only place in the United States (and most likely the world), that there exists people that are both Democratic and Redneck.
Guy 1:"Why the fuck does that massive Ford truck have both a "God Bless our Troops" and a "Vote Obama 2012" bumper sticker?"
Guy 2:"We are in Maine, Jeff"
by The Original Fin August 8, 2015
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Maine can be expensive but few states have the luxury of living so close to nature. Yeah we have rednecks but at least our noses aren't so high up in the air we can't touch the ground. I've never known anyone to marry their cousin or have kids with them up here...but I guess it would be like some people to stereotype.
Maine is probably safer than the state you live in...and definitely more beautiful.
by optimusprime09 January 16, 2009
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as a kid from maine, I'll say I kinda like it. Sure I love moxie, but so should you. Portland is a sweet city. It has more resturants/bars/pubs/club-ish things then you would ever be able to visit in a lifetime. Also, the ocean is wicked (yes I know) awesome. For instance you can go sailing around and chill beaches.
If you can't be pro-active enough to find stuff, or hate the outdoors, its not for you. Just let me know if maine has ever caused a problem to anyone else. Seriously, do you have a blueberry alergy or something?
Its 75 and sunny all day in the summer, and you just go ski in the winter.
by D.S August 21, 2005
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See: all the definitions below.

Granted, many of the stereotypes are true, as is with every state, but for those who have lived there all their lives, they wouldn't want it any other way. Or they want to get the hell out, only to see that it has infected them and find themselves yearning for the seasons, natural beauty and people that have shared the experience of growing up there.

And yes there is Abercrombie in Maine, not just flannel outlets, as well as all those who fit the image, for all the young hip crowd out there.

Stay there for a while, get past some of the podunk stereotypes (or immerse...atv's are the shit) and you might become infected too...

Get the accent, it sets you apart. Who needs r's anyway.
I grew up in Maine and was tired of the stereotypes only to find they were such a small part of the experience.
by blake March 29, 2005
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You guys forgot.."You can't get there from here". And, "Let's go for a ride in the cah to Bah Habah"

Proudly born and raised in Maine, which makes me a Maine-ah.
by brunettesimgirl September 13, 2005
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a place where being in the top ten percent of your highschool class is the same as being in the top ten people.....people still don't believe me when i said my graduating class was 113 people.

a place where you can drive for fifty miles, go through the center of town in a minute and a half and then drive another fifty miles before you see another traffic light...

down in Ellsworth we joke that if any more tourists come visit Bar Harbor for the Fourth of July, the whole island (Mount Desert Island) is going to sink.
Maine slang:

Yes = Ayuh (eye-ya)
pizza and soda = pizzer and soder
by Jenn-Gwen September 21, 2005
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The friggin best place in the world! Wicked sick. It's the most Eastern state in the U. S.
Living in Maine can make you wicked awesome ;
by n.ns.iy.fma April 24, 2008
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