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wrongly typed lol
also oll, ooll, loloOLOLLool
you get the idea.
some guy: Lol
some other guy: omg llo
by 1UPclock December 08, 2004
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Its definition is 'Laugh Lots OK!'. When using LLO there is no need to type the exclamation mark but feel free to chuck some more at the end of it for some added emphasis. It is intended to be used as a comedic sarcastic threat, as a comedic awkard statement or just as something totally random.

Some people say that this was invented whilst some random guy who calls himself camdadeye was a trolling on a Facebook, some others also say that, but they ALL say thats bullshit and tell the legend of how it has something to do with him being awesome or something!
Adam: Hey Trent, LLO made it to Urban Dictionary!

Trent: So?

Adam: So?....... SO I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL! LLO.... yeah :P

Trent: awkwaaaaaard :s lol

Adam: Exactly :)
by CaMdAdEyE March 13, 2011
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buy the domain for your art vlog
interjection: meaning "hey" or "hi", comes from yo but with the spanish letter ll making a "y" sound
llo hula! wanna go hang in the lockerroom with everyone else?
by illa_de_tehas December 20, 2004
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