Once apon a time Luke could never be held accountable for his actions or verbal gibber as he was born with a rare gift courtesy of his genetic makeup. He could fool the whiliest and most cunning trickery, hibernating ways and strange connection with nature! He even got called a dog whisperer even… True story! But what made him truly unique was simply, where is Luke? shit it’s been 3yrs and Luke’s and the front door for example and I’m still lying in bed in my oodie lol.

True fact from Luke himself, don’t take him on his word rule number 1, if he says there is a crocodile in a near by lagoon don’t rule it out and thirdly if you are ever in a bother and need a quick solution (legal of course) try and locate Luke hahaha yeah your in shit…Luke spends a lot of time outside the box so running around in the bush at night isn’t uncommon 🥵 But people Australia is rather large and he does get about (not around!) so it’s best he contact you. Also and this is a big one… he is like a fox(the animal) and his mind constantly changes uh huh try keeping up with a fox people 🐕 only a 12guage beats a fox!!!
Luke is at the door mum. Totally Random mind you! Luke had 20mins to kill so yep random stop in. Oh nice oddie ha ha yes I’ll have a tea thanks 👍
by Totally Random July 2, 2022
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Someone who never ceases to amaze us/you
That wasn’t just random it was totally random!!!
by Totally Random July 1, 2022
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