When you've reached a certain level of financial stability, lifestyle, etc. and you started with far less, you got it "out the mud."
Look at where we came from... we got it out the mud, fam!
by Almighty Searcy May 4, 2015
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Get it out the mud, refers to someone who only had themselves to rely on, to become stable, financially, physically and mentally. They drug themselves out the mud, with no help from family and friends.
by Blac Kat September 21, 2018
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To work hard towards success helplessly and endure hardship, thrift, starvation and/or sleepless days and nights; to achieve one’s goals through unconventional, often illicit methods
After selling water bottles and loose cigarettes for months, the homeless ex-con saved up for his new apartment and found employment soon after. He really had to get it out the mud.
by Buy XRP August 15, 2021
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To Elevate out of proverty,ignorance,emptiness,darkness and amass an abundance of wealth
Everything the kid gots he acquired it Out el mud
by Out el mud October 18, 2020
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what fake rappers say to make there self sound better and impress there baby mommas
i had to get it out the mud to make it to the to
by Prince Of Bmore November 16, 2017
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a) when you have pay the bill for a large group of friends at a restaurant or other drinking establishment

b) trying to solve a seemingly impossible- to- solve situation
if you live on a shoe string budget, do not offer to pull the hippo out of the mud, definition a) when out with a group of friends
by Sexydimma October 3, 2016
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