lost in translation-under the influence of a drug or alcohol
I'm lit off this whiskey
by kemosabi August 6, 2006
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to be so fucking mad.
I was so lit when she fired me.
by Karolyn May 2, 2005
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1. To be stoned or drunk, or a combination of the two.
2. alternatively, used in online FPS games, when someone calls over voice chat to inform a teammate that a member of the opposing team is "lit" for a certain amount of damage. Most popularly used in Counter-Strike.
1. "I am so lit right now!"
2. "He's lit for 47(dmg)"
by _bAceX June 30, 2015
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adj. - Educated or well-read. Short for "literate."
Ah cain't talks like a normal people, I ain't lit.
by C. Hazelwood September 20, 2003
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Being drunk or high. When something is very exciting or fulfilling. It can be anything positive or in a good way or live.
"Damn bro, the party is about to be lit tonight!"
by romanji757 September 2, 2014
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