Something that is extremely fun and poppin off
Nyasha: Oi boys, pool party at my house friday night +1 anyone
Nyasha: Whoops wrong convo
Group chat: Damn it, i wanted to go cause i thought it would be lit
by Mateplz September 18, 2016
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When you smoke marijuana but you have not smoked enough to be high. You are simply lit.
I decided just to get a lit, not high.
by DatAsss March 12, 2013
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First used by Kacey Chrysler in his viral hit song LIT. This is when something is very good or amazing. LIT is to have a good time. LIT is also being dope or cool
Grandpa has his leg up smoking a cigar and he's LIT. I got a parking spot soon as I pulled up,now thats LIT. I'm Smoking and drinking with some ladies and we are about to get LIT. Kacey Chrysler's song is LIT.

Kacey Chrysler - LIT
by ciNNIc July 09, 2016
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Billy- hey farquan did you go to the party last night?

Farquan- yeah it was so lit
by ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ฆ September 05, 2016
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1. A term used to describe something that is cool and exciting, or just generally something you would want to experience.
2. In literal terms, it means if something is on fire, or catches fire.
John: That party last night was lit!
Dave: Yeah, it was pretty nice! Let's go to more parties like that!
Dave: I... might have accidentally lit it on fire while cooking breakfast...
John: You fucking idiot.
by a pet named markisteve June 12, 2018
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Best time of your life.

That one and only time you have as much as fun as possible
Dude1: "Yo Steve!"
Dude2: "what up my dude"
Dude1: "yo bro last night was mad litty!"
Dude2: "ikr it was fire"
by Yellowstem December 03, 2016
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