Yo dawg that hood rat gets me so lit when she does dumb shit.
by Daniel March 10, 2004
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im gonna lit your coochie on fire w my sucking skills hmm.

you will end up like the house below if you use the word ‘lit’.
by lildicksmeller May 5, 2020
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saying something is awesome, crazy, amazing, pumped up, wild, or turned up!
brooooo, that was a pretty lit flip you just did!!
by Bella_sunshine July 3, 2017
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A term meaning a lot, or massive amounts. Also, extremely. Popularized in the 1970's at Valley Stream North High School
There were lit people at the party.
We drank lit beers.
That guy is lit stupid. They were lit wasted.
by Hawkinz May 15, 2011
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past-tents of setting a fire
i lit the fire
by BackWood Lover1 April 24, 2017
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a southern term for landed; used almost exclusively for flying insects
by old south May 25, 2009
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