A word used to talk with your friend when high
brooooo this weed is lit
by ZachariasZebra April 17, 2018
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When confronted with something totally awesome, a Woah-Bro will exclaim, "Woaaaaaaahhhhh brooooo".
This is the male equivalent of the "Woo-Girl".
A Woah-Bro may also be a "Dude-Bra" depending on his level of douchebaggery.
Dude 1: Did you see that girl's booty?
Dude 2: Woaaaaaaahhhhh brooooo!

Dude 1: I picked up this sick bro-tank today, take a look.
Dude 2: Woaaaaaaahhhhh brooooo!
by Brofessor Broda August 15, 2012
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