flip you a non vulgar less offensive alternative to fuck you when telling someone fuck you is not proper and want do
dude you stole my cds out of car last night

man i did not steal your cds from your car flip you

dude i got you ha ha ha ha ha ha

man your jokes are at an al time low flip you

i got you dude
by littlejimmie April 17, 2019
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To impose an act violence, sans Benicio Del Torro: Usual Suspects
He'll flip ya, flip you for real!
by GOD March 2, 2005
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Giving a person a hard time in a semi joking manner, also called "flipping shit" when not directly referring to a person who's pronoun would be "you" in a sentence.
I was just flipping you shit when you fell down, I wasn't being serious.
by TheOriginalBobbert September 9, 2015
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When a male and a female are having intercourse with the female in the missionary position and the male turns the female in to the doggy style position
I just want to flip you and stick you so hard
by Thuggyj August 7, 2015
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It is a term used by people who do judo or have a black belt.
Me: Hey Yaroslavl, you are stupid!
Him: Bro I have a black belt I will flip you!
by LiamiFromMiami February 5, 2014
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A question sometimes asked by people who are being recorded on camera.

Originated from the "Flip" cameras, not to be confused with the 'middle finger.'

Phrase has been used in a Youtube video by Shane Dawson.
*younger sibling walks in room holding a camera*

Older sibling - *smiles* Are you flipping me?

Younger sibling - Nope! *runs out*
by LostInADaze June 13, 2010
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