The act of Esmeraldaing
The state of being so intoxicated (regardless of the intoxicating agent) that all the person can do is smile, so that they look lit up like a light.
(Depending on the persons usuage , Usually mentioned when talking about a party or something im particular) Exciting , fun , turnt , pumped up , overly exciting
by litofthelittest December 09, 2016
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1. A term used to describe something that is cool and exciting, or just generally something you would want to experience.
2. In literal terms, it means if something is on fire, or catches fire.
John: That party last night was lit!
Dave: Yeah, it was pretty nice! Let's go to more parties like that!
Dave: I... might have accidentally lit it on fire while cooking breakfast...
John: You fucking idiot.
by a pet named markisteve June 01, 2018
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refering to an extreme drunken state
Last night we went to the club and i got lit.
by James Absher July 27, 2008
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How much damage given to a member of the opposing team without killing them, to inform your teammates how much damage is done to that player
Are you kidding me. I headshoted that guy and he's lit 99.
by AN Edgy FAggot March 07, 2016
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a descriptive term for someone who is, or appears to be, heavily influenced by literature or the act and habit of reading books in general. prone to embracing an East Coast style, wearing understated yet unique clothing, drinking tea, embracing the introspective nature of winter, and loving Andrew Bird and movies about offbeat human relationships. "lit" is often confused with "hipster" and "indie," but is more of a persuasion than an actual quantifiable stereotype or scene.
I saw Peter dissapear into a free-trade coffee shop looking so dapper in those wingtip shoes and that red sweater. he was carrying a white paperback.. it may have been Franny and Zooey, but it could have been any other Salinger novel. I walked in and told him he looked especially lit today, to which he replied, "does that mean you think I am high?"
by forsythia March 30, 2009
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