In reference to a persons state after smoking a ton of weed.
"Eden is trippin!"

"yeah mate, he's totally lit!"
by geeayay April 25, 2014
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When something is amazing but you don't want to use boring words like cool or great and so you say LIT; or when you lowkey agree with another definition but you can't give up your dignity so easily
It's always LIT when i'm with Liz
by litfam22 January 11, 2017
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Back in the day, this meant 'cool', 'turnt', or 'crazy'. Usually used in a event situation or to describe a rap song. Nowadays only used by cringey or otherwise annoying people.

Never say this word.
Situation One -
Twelvie: Yooo dude this song is LIT! I'm gonna' play it at my party 2nite!
Respectable young lad: Dude, you're so cringe, man. No-one should say 'lit' anymore.
Situation Two -
Person One: Oh my god, did Tammy really just say 'lit'? I hate humanity.
Person Two: Ugh. I think people who still say 'lit' should be burned at the stake.
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by A guy who submitted a word October 11, 2016
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Productive; beneficial for your future
Language Arts class is lit!

Mrs. Upchurch's class was lit today!
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by Malup May 07, 2018
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