Don’s Indulgences Theory (of Being Lit) was developed by Matthew Donzelle Robinson to structure the perception of the phenomenon in three categories each with subcategories.

The first category: Association of Suppression Fulfillment -a individual or group conditioned to gaining a state of euphoria catered using suppressible forces. This category is the negative connotation of the term. Consist of stimulus or depressant fulfillment with drugs and or alcohol. Association of Suppression Fulfillment implies usage of consumable substances to stimulate euphoria; basically, the intentions to be “wasted” - this is a form of lit.

The second category: Association of Peers – is the notion of social interaction affiliated to being lit (social smokers and drinkers, sex, dancing, parties, social crowds/groups); basically, obtaining euphoria socially, with little or no intoxication.

Third and last category: (IPF) Indulging Pinnacle Features – euphoria that can be experienced individually; no drug or alcoholic influence. Music is the primary subcategory for IPF and associates with the African American Vernacular Tradition that reasons to a lot of behavioral and ideological factors concerning the black community. Media and amusement features (such as fireworks, etc.) are other indulgences for this notion; basically, having a great time with or without peers, and perhaps little or no drug or alcohol influence.
Sasha: I dare you to do five shots.
Thomas: No thanks, you are way too lit for me.

Natalie: Did you see the fireworks? They were so pretty!
Johnathan: Yea, it was lit.
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by Original___Don February 03, 2018
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actually becomes un-lit when overused or used excessively
"Oh man we were so lit last night, that was a lit ass time with lit ass friends." stfu this word used excessively becomes lame and un-lit and makes u seem like a try hard mf
by doghoe44 December 10, 2016
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a word that stupid middle school guys use b/c they want to sound cool
wow, that class was lit af
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by suckadicksssssssssssssssssssss November 06, 2017
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Having qualities pertaining to dopeness or greatness - usually in reference to an object, thing, or event.
"Hey man, I got us tickets for the J-Cole concert!"
"It's lit!"
by AGentlyUsedCondom December 16, 2015
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The act of which a person is excited, or hype due to an upcoming event.
"Martha, you to damn lit for this party next weekend!"
by richcocoa November 07, 2013
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