like mike refers to michael jordan you fucking idiot. it was a huge nike advertising logo "i wanna be like mike" in the early 90s
whoever defined the previous like mike and didn't know who it was is probably some 12 year old that doesn't think that there was life on this planet before 1994, get a fucking clue
by Paul S. W. November 8, 2006
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If someone is 'like Mike', they have achieved the peak of physical and mental perfection. Such people will normally be extremely sporty, intelligent and witty, and as such are very rare. The original Mike to whom the phrase refers is long forgotten, but its safe to assume he was great to know, and probably damn fine to look at.
"Damn Timothy, you got hot. You're great looking."
"Why thanks, good chum."
"Yeah, you're really like Mike!"
"Please! You flatter me too much!"
by Horace Wimp November 8, 2006
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"Hey,look at Jerry. I woder if he is thick like mike?"
by 209ELM December 23, 2021
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When someone asks who are they you respond wiht: Joe mamma likes Mike-ock
-Hey did you hear that Joe likes Mike?
-Who are they?
-Joe mamma likes Mike-ock!
by Mateusz yea that legend October 15, 2019
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To be completely wrong about something while harbouring a fear of cartoon dogs
Hey, X; You’re based like Mike (as in full of shit)
by NafoSpelling Champ September 25, 2023
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