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The Most Dangerous Place in the World (TM). The hub of all drug life in the UK, if not the world. Once a popular tourist destination in North Wales - now Shit City.
"You boiz up for a cruise in Rhyl?"
"Wheres me crack, Julian?"
by Horace Wimp November 19, 2006

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Identical in appearance to your average Abraham Lincoln, an Evil Lincoln differs only in that he is entirely evil, with absolutely no moral core. Will kill abundently and pointlessly, wherever and whenever possible. Some varients sport glowing red eyes. Often roars "RAAARGH!" as he attacks. Their motivations and aims remain unknown, as anyone attempting to analyse them is normally murdered brutally and repeatedly. Some eyewitnesses claim Robotic Evil Lincolns exist, but this is unlikely and scary.
"Hey, Jackio, wanna hire Die Hard and get a pizza in? I feel like eating Ital- ARGHH!! NO! NO! My splean! GOD HELP ME! EVIL LINCOLN!! Please, God, let me - ARGHHH!!! NOT THE VARIOUS GUTS!!! Glughh.."
"Dude, you ok? Dude?"
by Horace Wimp November 07, 2006

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Simple phrase used to catch out British spies or agents when masquerading as the enemy. When wished 'Good luck' in English by a foreign agent they find it literally impossible not to reply with 'Thanks old bean!' or something similar.

Most famously used in The Great Escape.
Hans Nazihausen: Halt! Sprechen sie Englisch?
John Smithson: Nein! Der English sind Schwein-poopen.
Hans: Haha, Ja. Good luck.
John: Thanks old bean!
Hans: AHA!
John: Oh bother.
by Horace Wimp January 13, 2008

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One who, when attending social functions, will never fail to get embarrassingly drunk and then hit on anyone present, regardless of age, gender, appearance or indeed spouse.
"Oh Rory, you can't invite Josh to the office party! He's such a hunsley, he'd whip your Janice away in seconds flat. I'm hungry. Lets get nachos."
by Horace Wimp November 07, 2006

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Kroozer, a person who enjoys less than leisurly drives during their free time. Will be found during the day fitting blue pipes into their engines and applying a tinted stickyback plastic to their windows. By night they can be found driving people around in exchange for loose change, similar to a taxi service but ariving faster and taking no responsibilty for injury to passengers (normally four crammed in a back seat).
1 - Hunsley, wanna go kroozing to the Underground? Bangin'Kroozer Kru!

by Horace Wimp April 10, 2007

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The perfect religion for those who aren't sure if they really believe in a god, but don't want to risk the big red one. Based on being as good as you can be, but not going over the top and showing up the others, the religion of the not-necessarily-religious doesn't believe in rules as such, at least not written ones. Therefore there are no commandments, but believers are asked to be nice to people and to really try and not steal things or kill people, if they can really help it. Attendance at a church is by no means compulsory, or even advised, but a number of popular pilgrimages exist, such as the centre of the civilised world, Home Bargains.
"Hey Josh, wanna come pray to God with me and my good buddies?"
"Nah, I'm one of the not-necessarily-religious."
"Oh. I didn't know you were, uh, 'like that'."
"What the hell does that mean? Son of a bitch!"
"Ah, no! My splean!"
by Horace Wimp November 08, 2006

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Essentially damnation, or the act of being condemned to Hell. Can also be used as a noun for Hell itself.
"That bitch Satan is sure gonna get the big red one, or my name ain't Bernard God."

"Off you go, Hitler! See you in the big red one!"
by Horace Wimp November 08, 2006

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