A fucking legend who everyone should praise upon....Amen
by BeastMaster69 420 August 7, 2018
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Timothy will always be your best friend. He's caring and always cute no matter what. Timothy is good in bed and has a huge dick. He has wet dreams WAY too much. So date him if you can.
by Yeetingbitchesismylife March 6, 2020
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A man. A man of strength. A man of a thousand loves. A man who gives too much to receive too little. A man who gives all his happiness for a smile. A man with the hottest butt on the planet.
Popular girl: OMG, is that like Timothy Hernandez!? Like girl, he's got that hot bod that's like on the trend. Me likey.

Girlfriend: *Throat punches Popular girl* Bitch that ass is mine.
by TimothysMFWife August 13, 2016
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He is usually very tall, and covered in freckles. Most likely very cocky and over confident but in a cute way, you wouldn't change a thing about him. Caring and sweet, very smart. All the girls fall in love with him, especially his smile. He has the most cutest sneeze, and usually very skinny. An athlete who loves football. Has the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen.
"OMG Timothy is in JROTC"
"Duh, that's why I joined"
"I'm about to join too Lol"
by TIMBO_3468W January 16, 2017
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A very kind and independent guy with a big heart for family and friends. He keeps his friends out of trouble when they doing the most! And loves his daughter because she means everything to him lol he the most savage person his daughter ever met !!!
Timothy your so savage bro! Your so much more fun in my opinion dude.
by Timothy Woolery December 22, 2016
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A fun loving person who takes no shit from nobody , high degree of confidence an loves everything he does sexually inclined and with a very big penis
She cant walk straight ... Oh yea u was with timothy
by Randomblackman December 23, 2016
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