A local name for the huge pile of "waste coal" that is located in the former mining patch town of Jeanesville PA, near Hazleton. It can be seen from miles away, and is a popular destination for dirtbike & quad riders.
"hey, i'll meet you at the peak later"
by tracy13 November 25, 2006
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To be your best self; the time in your life when you are at your best, most successful, funniest, coolest, most popular
That bitch peaked in high school. Now it's all down hill.
by Vader42 May 24, 2015
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When you are absolutely "peaking" is to be at your prime in any activity.
This can be used to describe a person, event or group.
"OMG man he's peaking" - Amazing/Intense
"That's a peaking t-shirt man" - Good Looking
by Sketz007 October 19, 2011
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Peak; Bad luck, gutted. When some shit goes down that is bad on your behalf, peak for you. When something bad happens to a mate , peak for them. Effectively meaning bad luck / gutted to fuck. English street slang.
Wasteman: "Shit, My phone battery just died!"

Badman: "Peak for you son"


Homeboy #1 "You got a roach ?"

Homeboy #2 "Na fam , fresh out cuz"

Homeboy #1 "Peak , needed that shit!"
by BASHYSBTV March 7, 2012
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The time at which an ingested substance is at its highest possible concentration in the bloodstream. Used colloquially in the context of recreational drugs, most commonly psychedelics. When peaking, a psychedelic trip is usually at its most intense/powerful. The nature and duration of a peak varies by drug, user, and mindset at the time of tripping. Contrary to what some may say, it is not a term specific to any one particular drug.
Tripper A: "Dude... I..."
Tripper B: "What, man?"
Tripper A: "I'm... it's... lattitude."
Tripper B: "He's peaking hard."
by sno0ks December 3, 2011
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The highest point in life that ou tard has reached, this occurred in high school for every ou tard. This peak is referring to highest point of success and that must be clarified because anytime an ou tard sees "high," they automatically associate it with weed and if we were talking about that, an ou tard would reach a new peak everyday because the only thing they do is smoke.
That ou tard is on a downhill trajectory in life, that nigga definitely hit his peak when he was in high school.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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effectively a replacement for any negative adjective ever. could mean bad, ugly, smelly, disgusting, any of these words could be replaced by 'peak'
Jack: "Aw it's raining outside!"

Mark: "Man, that's so peak!"
Harry: "That is peak weather boys,"

Sarah:"That teacher just gave me a detention for nothing!"
Jane:"What a peak bastard!"
by Dingers01 April 23, 2017
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