Yo mom who'd do anything fo ya!
My mamma just gave me a pimp car, a huge fucking house, and a sick job-without me even askin her!
by Mac11 December 3, 2004
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norwegian word for mom

Also used in the form "mor"
Jeg pulte mamma'n din i går
I fucked your mom yesterday

Mor din er man
Your moms a man
by June 14, 2021
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bachoon kaa food or baroon kaa khelona (toy)....
women,s tap
oye mammo se dhoodh ghir raha hai...
woh dekhoo woh teri behan kay mammo say kheel rahaa hay
by kaser December 17, 2003
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A name a guy will call another girl, usually to show respect for that girl. Or in other cases to show interest in that girl.
Girl: *bumps into guy
Girl: oh sorry
Guy: go ahead mamma

Guy: “hey lil mamma come over here!”
by Chs547914 April 5, 2018
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Alternate word for Grandmother/Grandma, mainly used in the East Midlands, England.
Mamma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day, and now the day was complete.
I love my Mamma.
by rouge_reverie August 11, 2018
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o mundo fica louco por mammas-the world goes crazy over breasts
by maria lizette September 7, 2003
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When a man is giving a woman oral when he pukes in her vagina because of nasty qualities (smell, taste, Etc).
"It was so horrible me and Trent were fooling around when he gave me a mamma bird it was disgusting and my vagina smelled worse for weeks"

"Did you here about Jamarcus and Emma they mamma birded for fun.. They must be into some kinky shit!"
by Nigavanslevenhousen January 24, 2012
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