EMT or emergency medical technician medical professionals who bust their asses each and every day saving peoples lives and in Exchange they are not only underpaid wildly under appreciated they are the one going down steep embankment when your car flips over on the highway at great risk to their own lives in order to try and save yours.
I’m became an emt to save lives but the way EMT’s and paramedics are treated is terrible
by Jacksonman123 April 8, 2022
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Extra Marital Text(ing)- The act of sexting outside of a committed relationship.
Who are you texting, your wife?

No, she's just a friend.

Eww, are you EMT'ing someone right now?!
by Philibarb August 23, 2010
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Every Menial (or Meaningless) Task.
When an EMT is working with a Paramedic, their only job is to drive the truck and carry the bags. If anything needs to be lifted or moved, it's the EMT's job, even if that means holding the door open.
by EMTDan February 13, 2012
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Can you do EMT instead of cash for this item?

Yes I can!
by xxoxxoox October 8, 2020
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Epic Meal Time. We make your dreams come true and then we eat them.
Man, I just finished watching the latest EMT episode.
by jmfroggy April 30, 2011
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An acronym for Emergency Medical Technician. Plainly put, they are the people who work on ambulances. There are three levels of EMT: Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic. Paramedics are the people that you're most likely to find riding in the ambulances in your hometowns. These technicians can also be found working in the emergency rooms of your local hospital.
After the car accident the EMTs responded and extricated a patient.
by GDubs_James January 5, 2006
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"Hey you should EMT"
by Chloislemil May 23, 2017
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