Man, I really should've used a condom with her... I knocked her up!
by Brown Sugar March 21, 2003
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1.(North America) V. To get Pregnant
2.(Great Britain) V. To wake up
"Billy go and knock up your sleppy head brother."
by GMan January 4, 2004
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to get a girl pregnant out of marriage(to get pregnant)
It is bad to get knocked up, you know that baby is gonna be messed up.
by katiecutie153 December 26, 2005
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To get someone (usually a female) pregnant.
Danny: "I guess I should've used a condom last week..."
Mike: "Dude you can't go around friggin' knocking up ten-year olds!"
Danny: "There's no statutory rape law in Maine."
by The Ugly One January 29, 2004
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If you don't use protection you will probably knock her up.
by Light Joker July 12, 2005
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To knock up a guy means to fuck him in his asshole and have a cumgasm.
Matt always wants to knock up my asshole trying to make me pregnant because he says it would be fun to have a little skippy-boy running around, but I told him it doesn't work that way!
by eda-skip October 6, 2021
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To implant semen in the womb for the purpose of uniting with an egg to form a fetus, therefore stopping menstruation and causing the body to expand as the fetus grows.
The purpose of Tyrone forcing sex on Brie Ann, the prom queen, was to knock up the queen and also to knock her off the throne and change her attitude. Brie Ann had been rubbing him the wrong way for months. Now she could think about this for years.
by Richard Black April 7, 2005
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